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Can't say I ever used this as it would be pot luck if you went to a unread post that your interested in. Previous or Next.


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I never used it. Not the least of which reason being that it didn't show the thread titles, and the links were just "wrong". It was URL of current thread & +1 instead of the actual thread URL.
I have never really used this feature. Changes of using the next link and finding a post you like are slim. Ide rather go in the forum category and choose from their so i know what im getting myself into.
Is there a way to go from one thread to the next without having to go back to the list of threads?

For eg. if I am moderating a forum, and I want to check for spam in the 10 most recently posted threads. When I am done checking the first thread, how do I go to the next new thread, without having to go back to the list of threads (forumdisplay page)

vBulletin used to have the Next thread and Previous thread links. Am I missing something or doesn't Xenforo have it?

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So I think you want a "Latest Posts" view, not a listing of latest threads.

Wouldn't it be nice to view the latest 10 posts (on one page), and click on posts that might need moderating ?

Digital Doctor

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That is a list of the latest threads, ie. a list of the threads that contain the latest posts.

What I am asking for is a way to navigate from one thread to another without having to click on the back button or go back to the list of threads .. similar to in vB (next thread and previous thread)
I know what you want :)

Is there an option somewhere to enable it? Or is it not available as a feature at all?
not available, as far as I see.

My option was like yours but ....



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So few people ever use this feature that on most forums it would just be unnecessary clutter. I'm sure someone will release a mod for it eventually, but I don't think that it should ever be built into the software itself.