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Sunny, I don't seem to follow what you mean...the News Reader doesn't have any tables itself, it just pulls up the threads of the rss news items and the comments are just posts in those threads...just like a normal forum thread and posts...can you give any further information?


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Sunny, that's not residual deleted the news items but the residual is the XF rss feeds log entries.

You could do either:
1. Start using the News Reader again by setting up your XF rss feeds so the News Reader has something to display again, or
2. If you just use the XF rss feeds just for the News Reader then delete all the entries in the "xf_feed_log" table as XF has previously got the rss feeds, created an entry in the log for each time it got them, created a thread for each one however, you have deleted the threads so XF has left the log entry in the table which the News Reader is seeing but not able to show the threads from them.

I suppose in one way you could say the issue is caused by XF not cleaning itself up properly in that if you delete a thread that has come from an rss feed, XF doesn't delete the corresponding log entry for it as well.


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How i must change the code, that the link from the RSS threads in a Board don't go to the Side, but to your side from the newsreader, to the special theme?

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