New usergroup promotion criterion: User has started at least X threads


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I think it would be a good idea to have an extra criterion for usergroup promotions under Content and Achievements called "User has started at least X threads".

I could be wrong, but I believe starting new threads is more valuable in terms of search engine ranking than posting in existing threads. Also, it takes more effort to think of a new topic and start a new thread than to simply post in an old thread. I want to reward those members who make the effort.

This would hopefully also be easy to implement, so it's a low-hanging fruit.
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Is it still the idea or has been implemented ?

I would be happy to see it like "User has started at least X threads in Last Y no of days" :)
I now have a criterion "User has started at least X discussions in node(s) Y:", but not sure if it's coming from core XF or one of the addons. (Possibly the post rating addon?)
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