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New User Registration Problem


I believed that i disabled new used registration at some point when i was getting heavily spammed on my forum. Now I am trying to get it going again and i keep getting the message "New registrations are currently not being accepted"

I have check under my user registration options and the enable new registration is check. Please can anyone assist?
Can someone please help on this. It is even worse now, because i noticed that the spammers can register on the forum but for some reasons my users cannot register.

Please Help!!


Well-known member
What's your site URL, and what plugins do you have installed

To turn registration back on, you need to log in to your Admin Control Panel and select:
Options >> User Registration.
This is this what it looks like (and as you've mentioned, the "Enable Registration" is ticked as it should be)... So, what plugins are you using that could be blocking registrations?

My url is www.myrand.co.za. I just discovered that somehow my own IP was discouraged. And when i unchecked prevent discouraged IP in the registration option, we were able to login.

But now we are looking for a good spam solution. We are getting really hit by Spam.