XF 1.2 New user registered immediately, no confirmation email


after installing the forum, i tried to signup as a user to test everything, i did receive confirmation email.

suddenly yesterday, When a new user signs up, he becomes registered immediately and not getting confirmation email.

in the user options the user state is Awaiting Approval.

Looks like i have to manually approve, but in the board options

Enable confirmation is checked and

Enable manual approval is unchecked

any idea


Liam W

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Are spam trap setting enabled? If a user is flagged by the spam checks, they will be logged for manual approval.

They will have to confirm their email first though, if email confirmation is enabled.

Yes stop forum is enabled

the problem is at the first time of registration itself confirmation email is not sent. and waits moderation to approve user.

may be the setting is too high.



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You are hitting anti-spam measurements. If you get too many false positives, adjust your settings. Otherwise, there is nothing to worry about.