New user groups


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I've read through this:

And created a new user group - but how do I add members in it?

When I click on node permissions and select the required node (it's a private node) then click on the User Group xxx it takes me to the permissions page for that group... :eek:

Do I have to to into each member individual's profile and add them through that? Long process ?


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Right now - I just have all the required users in the private node added simply by going to the node, type their username in the search box and job done, select the permissions and all the members are under Users on the same page....... So to remove anyone, I don't need to go to individual profiles... It's pretty easy this way!

With the group promotion - will they be added automatically once they meet the requirements? And to remove someone, I'll have to do it manually ?

Promotions = User Upgrades?


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You're doing it the hard way; it is far easier to set the permissions via a group and just add members to the group.

Promotions are not user upgrades, they are two separate features.
Users will be automatically promoted if they meet the criteria, and automatically demoted when they don't any longer.