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Good idea?

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Using the Trophy in Xenforo can be quite difficult for me at times because you have to keep creating things like "10 likes" "50 likes" "100 likes" "150 likes" and this could make that so much more simple and it does not change much at all it's just a simple idea I thought of. A way to make a trophy be earned multiple times and you could set how many times it could be earned for example if I put 0 it can be earned as many times as you want, if I put 1 it can be earned once, etc...

This way you could create a trophy that requires 1 like to be earned and make it so it could be earned infinite amount of times so for example if I created a trophy and set it up to work multiple times and then it gives you 1 point for every 1 like and you get liked 10 times you get 10 points and instead of it showing 10 different trophies of the same type it could have a number next to the trophy to show how many times you have earned it.