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Not something for the users, but for the moderators - I'd like to see Report discussion promoted to becoming a real thread so we get the best of both worlds - report management and full discussion capability.

On PropertyChat, we've been using the report centre and it does what we need - it's especially useful for tracking past reports about problematic users and for reporting on statistics to see trends, etc.

On ZooChat, we found that there is far more discussion about many of our reports to the point were we quickly abandoned the report centre and went back to having reports created as threads so we could discuss them. It's not unusual for us to have a 2-3 page discussion about a report!

The problem on ZooChat is that we lose the report centre's ability to track and analyse reports, or to quickly notify the user who first reported the issue as to the status of the report when it is resolved or rejected.

With the new thread types in 2.2, now would be a great opportunity to vastly improve the functionality of reports to have the best of both worlds - let us use the full report centre for tracking and managing reports, but also let us have full discussions amongst the moderators about the issues.

As an alternative - a "discuss this report" type function (similar to what we have for resources) would probably do the job - not every report needs a full discussion, but it still wouldn't hurt if they were promoted to real threads that still had full report tracking ability.
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