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On our website we are moderating all new registered users and one of the steps that we then take is to check if their IP address is blacklisted.

Since a while we are getting IPv6 addresses for some new users and IPv4 for the others (in the past we always got IPv4). This gives us issues because we can't check the IPv6 addresses against the blacklist in XenForo, like we can for the IPv4.

What determines if XenForo displays an IP address as IPv4 or IPv6? Is this something we can configure in XenForo or is this more a server side configuration? We would like to always have IPv4, so that we can check them against the blacklist and have less spammers on the forum.
The IP address ban field accepts addresses in IPv4 and IPv6 format.

Or are you saying you want to check if a member using an IPv6 address is linked with an IPv4 address?

If so, you can use an online converter.
No, I mean the approval queue for new registrations. I shows all users waiting for approval, including the IP address they registered with. If you click on the IP address you are taken to the whatismyipaddress.com website where you can check if that IP address is blacklisted, see the screenshot below.. But when a user shows up with a IP v6 address in the approval queue, it is not possible to check the blacklist status. So I am wondering if there is a way to force the IP address to always show as IPv4 in this queue.

I don't have an IPv6 address to test with but it appears to work if I manually manipulate the URL.

What is the result when you click on the link?
Yes, the link works with IPv6 as well, but if you then click the check blacklist status button on the whatismyipaddress page it doesn't show any results. It seems that check only works with IPv4, that's why I would like to ensure that always a IPv4 address is shown.
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