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I know you can disable the New profile posts in the sidebar, but it does seem strange that the default is to display new profile posts rather than "New Threads and Posts", as these are the main content of the website and therefore it would seem that the newest threads and posts are what most forum users are interested in.

Is there anyway to easily and quickly replace the "New Profile Posts" with "New Posts" option?
Thanks, I tend to not like using add-ons on forums, is there not a block of code you have that I code just paste in to the side bar template and remove the profile posts code?

Could you not add this as a new feature in the new XF release? AN add-on would just degrade performance significantly. If your worried about it degrading performance, maybe create a cronjob that runs every minute and copies the latest posts to a new "latest_posts" table. This way you could query the "latest_posts" table so that it doesn't effect performance.
Hi, Thanks for t
Thanks for the link, I'm just worried that using an addon like this to display the newest and most popular posts and users etc.. will have a big impact on the performance of the forum, especially a forum that has several million posts.

Thats why I was thinking it would be good if you had a cron job that run every minute or so and performed the query once and saved the results to a new table.
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A forum without addons is a boring place, you don't have to be worried about XF addons.
There in the RM are a lot of great stuff and the optimisation is always a priority of all the developers and customers.