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New posts vs What's new

When I'm in the "Forums" tab I choose for example "XenForo pre-sales questions"
Next I can choose a "New posts" tab. When I do this I can see yet another "What's new" tab.
So, what's the difference between "New posts" and "What's new".
I think the "New posts" is post that is new to me (meaning post I haven't read), right?
When I click "What's new" I get lists that are marked with "Latest ...", so, I assume that would be recently added post?
I just want to add that, although it all makes sense, it is rather confusing.
I know this has been discussed before, but What's New was just a bad choice in my personal opinion. News Feed or something like that would have been better.

Then making this navigation appear twice just makes it even more confusing: