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Tom McIntyre

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I have a user who uses New Posts with watched fourms and unread filters.

Last week I apprently did something that caused his notices and his New Posts list to be out of sync. He sees items in his notices that do not show up in the New Posts list.

I have been trying to figure this out with little success and have also been trying to understand the New Post logic. The url pparameter that is displayed with New Posts appears to be some sort of time stamp, but I cannot figure out its logic. If a link is saved, one can return to that instance of the New Posts page at a later time. It seems to me that the behavior requires some sort of database entry,, but I cannot find anything in the database with the values seen in the URL.

Can someone give me a quick description of how this works?
I saw it just a few minutes ago. I think I understand how it works now, but I still need to figure out what my user is trying to tell me. :)

Thanks for steppping up.
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