XF 2.2 New posts - gone


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I have a problem. I played a bit with the widgets on the site, and currently clicking on "new posts" shows a blank page.
I've tried creating a new "New Posts" widget to appear on the "What's New" overview page, but clicking on "New Posts" doesn't help, and still shows a blank page. what can be done?
New posts are posts you have not seen. So, if you have seen all the posts that are new, they won't be showed to you.

To test it, create new, test account, post something with it, and you should see posts created by that account, because they are new to you.

This is a link to see latest posts (not new posts): https://xenforo.com/community/whats-new/posts/?skip=1 (this is for here, you should change it for your site).
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