Lack of interest New Post Icon Linked to that forums new post search


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I would love it if the new posts icon that next to each forum would be linked to a search of the new posts in that forum?

that way when your browsing the forum home you can just click on the new post icons next to the forums to view that forums new posts

this is something that just popped in my head then got me thinking. shouldn't be hard to pull off i wouldnt think


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Hard to pull off, probably not, but hard for users to understand? Maybe.

Users are used to seeing the icon indicate whether or not a forum has new posts, and in the case of vB and IPB, marking the forum read (which in itself isn't self-explanatory, and thus not many actually use that method). Making the icon do search just adds a new dimension of things you'd have to either let the users discover on their own or teach them rather than letting them perform actions naturally like with other parts of XF.


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xF is all new to everyone , and im having to teach people how to use some of it , this would be no different but once its applied and someone uses it when they would go to another board , i bet they will click the new posts icon and be like CRAP!!! then they have to go into the forum and sort threw the first page for whats new where as the new posts search would just show the newest posts "to that member"