XF 2.0 new nav buttons have not .p-nav-list .p-navEl.is-selected .p-navEl-link


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new nav buttons have not change always forums selected
any suggestions to set any buttons in nav when selected change as selected as forums or media gallery

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I am also having the same issue. Would appreciate any assistance if anyone knew how to fix. Several of my new nav items are not displaying the selected background after being clicked so I wind up with nav items selected while the home link is still selected and that can get confusing.

I tried adding a class using the nav item attribute feature and adding the class .p-navEl.is-selected but it just made it always selected. It's supposed to be in an upper div class when it's selected that does not appear once clicked. If someone knows how I can fix a nav items background when it's selected let me know. Kind of odd as I didn't expect this on a new nav item

Brad Padgett

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EDIT: For anyone interested you can set a nav link to be selected by using this method.

Go to the template where the nav link is connected to. For example for whats-new it would be whats_new_posts

And add this to the template. This example is for what's-new. I saw @Chris D posted this on another thread.

    <xf:page option="section" value="whatsNew" />
Add that anywhere in the template. This is assuming your navigation ID for whats new is the default "whatsNew". What's new is already selected as default but this comes in handy because it also keeps what's new selected when you view items inside whats new, instead of directing it to different selected page links such as on new posts.

If you want to use a different nav item simply go to the template, add this and replace the value="whatsNew" with the navigation ID found in public -> navigation of your selected nav item
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