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When new users registered I was receiving a notification that I could click on and it would take me to a page where I had option to approve the account. This has stopped working and I am now searching the user list for new registrations and validating the account in the User state: field.

Manual approval and email confirmation are enabled in ACP>Options>User Registrations
Spam Management settings are XF default

Can anyone please help to restore my notifications?

Edit: Problem solved please ignore
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Based on your ticket, the issue in your case is due to registration emails not being received, which results in the accounts never being verified, and hence they don't get flagged for manual approval.

The email troubleshooting guide I linked you to will help to identify why emails aren't being delivered.

Once that is resolved, things should work as before.


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I don't see any issues with your account - it can take up to 10 minutes to take affect so try again now.
@The West wind do you mind telling me how you solved this issue? I am having the same problem on my forums.
I stated above that the approval system had stopped working and this was wrong! The issue was caused by users registering with the hotmail service which is banned from the server and confirmation emails bouncing resulting in the user status flagged as 'awaiting confirmation email' and not showing in the 'awaiting approval' list.

When I log into the ACP I use the 'common searches' function to search for 'awaiting email confirmation' which flags the accounts that haven't received a confirmation email.


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@Brogan thank you for having me double check. It seems to be working now and I'm able to read through the email support pages. I have sent the error to our head of engineering and our tech support team of our company to see if they have any suggestions based on what the server error log says may be the issue.