New member loging challenges from ipod touch 3

Core Freedom

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A new member contacted me who wanted to sign up in the forum with an ipod touch 3 but had the following trouble.

1. It would not allow her to enter her birth date
2. She was unable to verify the captcha (which is a custom sentence with several answers as potential right answers)
3. She ended up being able to register using the Facebook registration feature
4. She tried posting her introduction to the "intro" forum but lost her work

Any ideas?

More and more people use ipods and iphones - do these devices work flawlessly with XF?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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These all sound like useability problems for that one user. It would be important to reproduce any problems she reported.

Yes, XenForo works in mobile browsers. Though typing and interacting with forms isn't as easy on a touch screen.