Style new look for a roleplaying site needed. [paid]

I started my roleplaying site 3 years ago and i will be perfectly honest, i didnt know anything at all about coding, or graphics design...i didn't know so many people would join and now 3 years later i am feeling like we are a bit older and are in need of a more professional look. Dream realms mascot is a grim reaper...sorta an inside joke that was loved by everyone...if i could incorporate the reaper in it that would be awesome.

3 things i am looking for ...

the reaper mascot next to "Dream Realms Roleplaying" a logo in otherwords

a style that can be switched by the users to be lighter or darker
sweet dreams style & nightmare style so a light and dark style that has a dream feel to both of them

a main page

is there anyone who can help me with this? please pm me with how much you would charge me.
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