New here and did not see a welcome forum


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Hello All

I am new here and have recently after much thought bought an Xenforo licence. I first experienced Xenforo after a regular site I use ( went from VB3 to Xen. I really was not too sure at first and kind of did not like Xen, especially after being so accustomed to Vbulletin over the years, and with my own site running Vbulletin 4.2 CMS I was very much a VB guy.

I really wanted a responsive design website and have been hanging in for VB5 to mature. I figured going from 4 to 5 would make sense as I was familiar with the software, and that there would be a good level of feature parity and wiith VB4 really serving me well. Without bashing VB there was not enough parity between 4 and 5 to keep me which did not make sense, as people choose a particular product because of the features it offers. And for me it makes no sense if an upgrade of that said software shares very little parity with the software before it, the very features that made me pick one software are now absent with the new version!!

In the end It was not hard to pick Xenforo over other competitors, its value is great vs other paid for solutions, support in the way of addons and plugins is great, and rapidly growing, not to mention the great atmosphere around these forums from happy customers. Also, for me Xenforo responsive design works fantastically on mobile devices, so much so that I think there is no need for specific mobile app. It really is great work the guys have done. I have also had a look at some themes and some customer sites that also look really great, modern and slick

I will be partnering my Xenforo forum with Wordpress, so totally new ground for me. Will be fun playing around and learning as I go.

Once I get my test site up I sure will be back with many questions.