XF 2.2 New field xf_user.dater, search and criteria


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New field xf_user.dater, search and criteria

I have added a new field to xf_user like

$structure->columns['dater'] = ['type' => Entity::UINT, 'default' => \XF::$time];

I have added template stuff also like:

<xf:formrow rowtype="input"
    label="{{ phrase('r9_dater_between') }}">
  <div class="inputGroup">
        <xf:dateinput name="criteria[dater][start]" value="{$criteria.dater.start}" size="15" readonly="{$readOnly}" />
        <span class="inputGroup-text">-</span>
        <xf:dateinput name="criteria[dater][end]" value="{$criteria.dater.end}" size="15" readonly="{$readOnly}" />

and some other things.

In my search I can choose now a date with the date-picker; but this seems not to be transformed to a timestamp.
If I insert two timestamps the search is working.

How can I make the date-picker transform my input to a timestamp, please?
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