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New Banners Animiert

New Banners Animiert 2014-11-12

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BoomBoomUlli submitted a new resource:

New Banners Animiert - Animierte gfx banners

Banner for Message list, Profile view , Membercard.
animiert and free .
Need other Graphics or more , send a PM, please.

Put this in EXTRA.css

.admin {
background: url("styles/xenforo/leader.gif") no-repeat;
height: 38px;
width: 200px;
text-indent: -10000em;
display: block;
.coleader {
background: url("styles/xenforo/colea.gif") no-repeat;
height: 38px;
width: 2oopx;
text-indent: -10000em;
display: block;
.am1 {
background: url("styles/xenforo/am1.gif") no-repeat;
height: 38px;...
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styles/"fragzone" < change this with the name of youre style/xenforo/leader.gif
And be sure the images are one the right place.
change the css banner !!! see : IMG_0289.jpg

( i forget the last way ) Thats all .


Active member
Question, can you do website background images or node icons. I would like some custom and was wondering if you could do that. PM me ore just respond to let me know!