XF 1.1 New admin can only see partial page-contents in ACP


This has me scratching my head.

Moderator promoted to Admin. Implemented by making changes to USER EDIT and PERMISSIONS pages manually (SOP on our forum). Confident in settings. Emulates successful past settings on others.

The problem: when he logs into ACP, only part of of home page is visible (see screenshot).

Ideas on cause/remedy happily accepted!

Thank you.

Hmmm. How did that happen? Bare as can be. Selecting boxes, as appropriate, should fix the problem. Agree?
Assigning someone to the Administrator Usergroup does not automatically make them an administrator (for ACP functions). The user group assignment is more a "display" related (albeit you can grant additional abilities) one - but assigning via the ACP -> Administrators option allows access to the ACP functions... but you may have realized that but this is for any others that may not grasp the process.
Thank you Tracy. That explanation from another angle adds more to the understanding gleaned from following Brogan's able assistance. One can never have too much info.
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