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Hi all,

Easiest way to explain this is to show you my site.

Now, that "Guild Members" link at the top is a link created by a modified version of XenStaff.

What I want to do is nest "Guild Members" under the existing "Members" fold out menu. Preferably in between "Registered Members" and "Current Visitors".

How would I do this exactly? If someone can post step by step instructions that would be appreciated as I am not great at this! :)
To assign those pages to a different tab requires editing the route handler. Code example:

Or you can use this addon:

The latest 1.1.3 update supports changes to tab assignments via link-forums.
Thanks Jake, I actually already have your addon installed (it works great!).

Question 1 - How do I get into the brains of XF and remove "Guild Members" so that it doesn't show? Note that XenStaff is responsible for this tab, not your addon. From memory, I think I have logged into debug mode and deactivated a part of XF that calls on the tab (or how it loads). Sorry, I can't really be more specific!
Question 2 - And, once "Guild Members" is removed, I can use your addon to re-create a "Guild Members" link nested under the existing "Members" tab. How do I find out the Tab ID of "Members"?
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