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Osman submitted a new resource:

Nerva by XenForumSkins - Clean, simple and specific style



Nerva Stil Sabit Header


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Wow! That's a very nice 1st skin.
Can you tell us a bit about yourself / company? It seems you have experience with forum styles.

We are in the process of a restructuring. Therefore, our website will be down for a while.

Our new website will be able to buy with the nerva verisiyo updated style.
This area has been completely renovated. How can you show a screenshot you get an error?

Firefox 35 screenshot


I've left a review for this. Right now, it's 1/5 stars. This is an awesome theme, which coded correctly, will be fantastic. I've provided @Osman with Feedback and I'm sure he will sort it in the future. I'm just disappointed I'm now out of pocket for finding out. I'll re-review it once the issues are solved. Potential buyers, I'd sit on the fence for now.
Dang, how did I miss this great style, looks very familiar, even down to the box-shadow on the messageInfo and the hover effect on the messageUserInfo :rolleyes:


Your Nerva
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