Nelson Mandela Dies..


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dude lived to be 95. i ain't sad. that's an accomplishment in itself no matter how influential you are.

Fred Sherman

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History is always rewritten.

Nelson Mandela was the leader of Spear of the Nation [MK], the terrorist wing of the ANC. MK murdered countless people and advocated mass genocide of all white people in Africa. MK also slaughtered members of South African tribes who had gained independence or were in the process of gaining independence under the Apartheid plan.

MK was armed by the Soviet Union and trained by Cubans. When Mandela was arrested, he had a massive stockpile of landmines, hand grenades, and explosives. Joe Slovo, a Jewish man from Lithuania took command of MK when Mandela went to prison for numerous murders. Slovo later became head of the South African Communist Party.

While Mandela was in prison, his wife Winnie Mandela ordered followers to carry out numerous gruesome killings of black people she deemed to be “race traitors.” Many of the victims were women or teenage boys. They were killed by being burned alive with a gasoline soaked tire around their neck.

Eulogize the dead with the truth, the good and the bad, otherwise it just emboldens those who would achieve their goals by any means necessary. Celebrate the good, but don't ignore the blood its soaked in our you dishonor those who died.