XF 1.3 Needed to restart MYSql, now saying to delete tables


I just got my xenforo today and received the MYSQL error which the forums are saying require a mysql restart.

I have contacted my host about this and they will do it eventually, but in the meantime it is saying (at step 2 where I got the error then um...refreshed...)

"You cannot proceed unless all XenForo database tables are removed."

Is this still going to be there once they restart the MySQL, or will it be OK?

Should I delete and remake the database before the restart?

This is a fresh install so no data would get lost that would hurt.

EDIT: They replied and I still had that error so I deleted the DB and remade it with the same name. Seems to be installing fine.

Hope this thread helps someone else in the future :)

Just a note this is what their IT said

IO ran FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK; on the backend. seems there were stale locks.
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Adam Howard

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The error is exactly as it implies... Your install did not complete because of the underlying issue, but it did start to write tables and now when you refreshed it's trying to start over on that single step, except it can't write over something that is already there.

As this is a fresh install and you'll not lose anything, yes, you should empty the database and start over.

edit: noticed you edited the post... must stop skimming when reading. lol

Good on you though for offering the solution