Need Video Chat System for Community


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Hi guys,

I am looking for a really good video chat system for one of my online communities. We have over 40K members and as many as 125K page views per day. We need something that does not work on flash and can handle 30+ users. What technology do you suggest?


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I have a big community as well, we use Meet Cheap , I swear it took me forever finding good video chat software and this is honestly the best it comes. It can hold hundreds, webinars, no software to dl, presentations etc.


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Development... not exactly a stable, usable product that one EQ. What they do have, seems limited to only Chrome browsers for initial testing.

  • Opera: WebRTC implement the laboratory version of Opera in January 2012. The stable version now fully supports the standard.
  • Google Chrome: integrated WebRTC into its dev channel in January 2012, and the stable channel from version 20 in June 2012 (though as of July 2012, PeerConnection and MediaStream must still be enabled from the chrome://flags page)[1]
  • Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla integrated WebRTC into its Firefox alpha in early 2012 which gave the browser the ability to perform audio mixing on a media stream[2]
    • In April 2012 Mozilla released a demo of WebRTC video calling that ran inside the Firefox browser[3]
    • Mozilla hope to give a useful implementation with Firefox 17 in January 2013 [4]
  • Internet Explorer: Microsoft has also started work on implementation of the API[5]

Theoretically you could use this to develop a centralized server based chat for the global site with private convos having a ridiculous feature set as the amount of things such as effects for the video and img cap are completely possible considering the connection for the private chat could be configured to be completely p2p.