Need to run a MySQL query before importing, will this work?


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I need to change all user submitted data in 'field2' of my 'userfield' table in vB and replace spaces with underscores. I figured I'd jump into phpmyadmin and run it. Will this do what I'm need:

UPDATE userfield SET field2 = REPLACE(field2, ' ', '_') WHERE field2 LIKE '% %;

I'm going to run in on a copied db. I just need to make sure it works as I'll have to do it right before doing my final import. I'm going to be using the Big Board Importer, which is why I have to do this. The standard importer doesn't require this step.

Thanks in advance.
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There is no need in WHERE clause if you really need to change all the fields. Just make it

UPDATE userfield SET field2 = REPLACE(field2, ' ', '_')
Of course database backup is a must.