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Need to know some ACP options


Active member

1. I'm still looking at demo of ACP and in my demo, I noticed that links are not getting wrapped... In mybb long links get "...." in the middle...

But in my demo site long links are shown completely... I check current xenforo forum and long links are getting "...." in between...


2. Now my forum is affiliate forum and I want to add something like http://domainname.com/url? before every URL... Although mybb also doesn't support this and I did it manually by changing their parsing file... I would like to know if after purchase I didn't find the file name then will developers help me in finding the file name where I can add http://domainname.com/url? before every URL

Isn't it possible to get source code for demo?? I just got UI for demo.. I would like to see source code as well for demo