Need Skin for Large Minecraft community


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I do not want a generic minecraft skin.
I want a skin that is relateable to minecraft, but be about our server as well.
We have over 12,700 Registered members, and are going to be switching to xF really soon.
Already purchased the license.

Would want the skin to be very content friendly, like our forums now.
I would want the home page, to be for updates, and widget type boxes.
I like the blue and white colours of xF and bukkit.

Our forums:

Can anyone do this?

Mike Creuzer

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Hello there,

I would love for the opportunity to work with you on this. You can view my portfolio here. I've also played Minecraft so I have a few ways to integrate some clever 8-bit trickery! :p If you like my portfolio, please feel free to contact me here or via my request system.

Mike Creuzer