Need help.


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I figured out what I need to do , but I have no idea how to again. I went to many other forums asking for help , including people I know , and other Q&A websites. None of them were able to help. I really hope you guys can.
I'll try to explain the best I can, so if something isn't understandable please let me know.
1)Read from database , from xf_user , column name steam_auth_id.
2)Define a variable with the data that it took from the database. ( Let's say $var )
3)Put the $var in the link. ($var(or add ?json=1 at the end to make it json (Working example of the link:
4)Get the XML or JSON contents , save it to the database under the same line ( user ) which it took $var from , but under the column named steam_rep

Few things:
I have complete rights to my database.
I have no control over the link, it's external.
Database MySQL
I need it done for every user in my database , and any future ones.

Any help appreciated.


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I think you meant to post in the Addon Request forum as it seems to me you are not asking "how to do" anything, you're asking someone to implement what you described.