XF 1.5 Need Help With BB Code Media Sites

I am trying to add PlayWire.com as a BB Code Media Site. I've added the Media Site ID, Site Title, Site URL, and the Embed code. Is there anything else I definitely need to enter for it to work? I've read everything here (https://xenforo.com/help/bb-code-media-sites/), but I don't understand exactly how to set up the Match URLs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Does PlayWire.com provide embeddable content?

It seems to be a video player rather than a content provider.
I don't think PlayWire.com provides their own embeddable content, but we would upload our own content to PlayWire.com and then embed it on our site through them. I read through the PlayWire instructions that they have here:


That makes sense for the most part, but I want to make sure I have everything set correctly in the Xenforo Control Panel for it to work properly.