XF 2.2 Need help targeting thread list in extra.less


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I need to style the .p-title and .p-body-header in extra.less. However, I'd the like the changes to appear only when the user is on the thread list page.

I tried [data-template="thread_list"] but as there's no thread_list template, that doesn't work. :D

Does anyone know how the correct way to target just the thread list page?
Use the browser inspector to determine the template name.


In this case, there are multiple templates, depending on the forum type.

If you want to target all templates with forum_view in the name -- forum_view, forum_view_type_article, forum_view_type_question, forum_view_type_suggestion, search_forum_view -- then you would use: [data-template*="forum_view"] .
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