Need help on user permission?


Hi, I've been having problem with user permission. I'm a newbie thus making it complicated :( So I am the admin.. and this is the forum category / forum / child

Category News & Updates
- Story
- Event

So i want to make normal user, to not have the permission to post new thread, but only can view and post message. How to do this? I've been trying customizing on permission (set registered role "No" to post new thread) but when doing that, I also can't post new thread.. Can someone help me?


So my user group is Registered
Secondary user group is Administrative & Moderating..
Thus on the node permission,
Registered : Post new thread (Revoke)
While for Administrative I should set to Allow?


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Yes. A direct Allow on a node trumps a direct or inherited Revoke. Jake's resource (Understanding permissions) explains this in detail, I highly suggest you read it.