Need help - BoardTitle

Hi every one,

Please show me how to hide the BoardTitle and the Top Breadcrumb in the Homepage (just home page).

thanks in advanced.
just hide not remove, i mean the page still has a boardtitle, by the way how to remove the breadcrumb in any page that you want?


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You really aren't making any sense.

Wrapping the code in the appropriate template with <xen:comment>code here</xen:comment> is the same as adding what you provided to EXTRA.css.
Adding display: none; will cause the HTML to still be sent to the user. It will look "removed" on their side but they will still be able to see the HTML.

Adding <xen:comment> will cause the HTML to be not sent to the user at all.


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From the FAQ:

How can I remove the title from the forum home page?
Add one of the following to the EXTRA.css template:
.forum_list .titleBar {
display: none;
.forum_list .titleBar h1 {
font-size: 0px;
Note that this may have an impact on SEO. Refer to the discussion thread in the forum for more information.

How do I comment in a template to remove existing code or add notes?
    This content is commented out
Note that using <xen:comment> will prevent the content from being output (rendered) altogether, so it won't show even when viewing the page source.