Need developer help with integrating Stripe "Customer Portal" into member account


I would like a way for my members to update their credit card information (and possibly see their credit card information, including the last four digits and expiration date, used to pay for their membership) from their "Account upgrades" page, under the section "Purchased upgrades".

Below is the API information from Stripe regarding their hosted customer portal. I would configure the customer portal so that they can update their payment method on their own.

The genesis of this request is that some of my members have expiring credit cards on their subscriptions and no way to update their credit card information on their own. The only current solution when their subscription expires, and their credit card has also expired, is for them to go through the purchase process again.
Yes I would like to know this to. It should be integrated into the site somehow.
I had @Robust do a custom Stripe add-on so I can add expanded payment options; he has a huge familiarity with the API, so he may be able to make a plugin for it.

The current Stripe implementation is... Not good. I'm helping a site out and they're running into an issue where the lack of a shipping address means he cannot accept payments outside of India (I think it applies to several other locations as well). TickTackk reported it here previously:
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