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Style Need consultant for style installation

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by FirstSword, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. FirstSword

    FirstSword Member

    Hello, I am looking for someone to help me with a site where I already have Xenforo and a theme installed. I have commissioned a wallpaper for the site but we're having some trouble with the scale and margins. I need someone to:

    • Install a new theme
    • Install a wallpaper
    • Be able and available to swap out the wallpaper for test as new renditions become available
    • Be able to tell me what dimensions would work best if the wallpaper in its current form doesn't work.
    I don't know enough about xenforo themes to be able to determine what's needed from a development or installation standpoint to look right, so I need someone who can consult with me and help me understand what I need from the artist designing the image. Pay will be competitive. Please respond to ironallianceguild@gmail.com with your interest and rate.


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