Need coding advise - Getting too many reposts on my board


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I can code a little bit in PHP and I need a coding advice from you guys to control reposts.

Well I know managing reposts in a forum is very tedious task. I'm running an online shopping deal forum and in my forum new thread is considered to be repost only if:-

1. Any Website URL (shopping website product link) is already posted by another user.

Now I want to do some code changes on the click of Create Thread. I will search the first URL (shopping website product URL) in the current post and then will call the search API to see are there any result already in database? If I will get that there are already threads with same website link then I want to warn user that your post looks like repost and you should confirm first that it is not repost...

I can add one checkbox above Create Thread "I confirm this thread is not repost". If user will check that checkbox then I will not make search API call next time and user's thread will be submitted.

I want to implement this kind of feature in my forum. Need some expert advice or any add-on related to controlling reposts . Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated :)

Please guys help me :)