need assistance

I've got concerns and I'd like to see if someone can possibly help with some recommendations.

I used vbulletin since it's inception. I purchased at version 1 i believe. it was either 1 or right when Jellsoft released v2. But i migrated ov er from UBB Classic to vb and have been thrilled ever since.... until lately

I will admit, as a network engineer and senior project manager with 28 years experience, I knew better than to put myself in this situation, but unlike any piece of software I own, i had complete faith in vb. I dec ided a month ago my personal forum needed a facelift. So I looked up the pricing, and after peeling myself off the wall (hey let's be honest, I remember for 10 years plus paying less than 40 bucks for yearly renewals per license) and realizing my position, I bit the bullet. Full bore. Paid over $500 for vb 5 including the mobile suite

I made the purchase nearly a month ago, and after ov er 150 hours of PERSONAL time, as well as at minimum 100 hours of manhours with my staff (yes i have to pay these people for this) we have come to the conclusion there is simply no way to comfortably upgrade to version 5. I've have never, in nearly 3 decades had an experience like this, and it has soured me greatly. i wish i knew that the 4 stakeholders had 'left' and yes I know the story now, but i found out too late.

So here is my position. I am not confident in getting a refund but I am going to try. Does anyone have any recommendations here? i've even got support tickets where techs just simply stopped replying completely, both in tickets AND on the forum, nor will anyone respond through email, and we're talking me using an account that's been registered there since 2002 and had at a minimum 50 licenses between my own ventures and clients.

my board is not huge, it's moderate. but it's matured. it's been running since 2008, and althrough we prune it regularly to refrain from housing orphaned, wasted data, our db is still over 1gb, and this is after migrating the attachments to the filesystem and out of the db (biting tongue).

So I have some concerns I'd like addressed.

  1. do you have an impex type script to migrate my data (i'm quite sure you do).
  2. what do you recommend for someone in my position? I want my next to move to last as long as my satisfaction did with jellsoft (i have to say jellsoft because vbulletin is no longer the same beast).
  3. I see you have some sort of 3 day demo you offer via email contact. I'd like to know if there are any options that would allow me enough time to build out a sandbox and do a migration in a test environment BEFORE i spend any money. Its not a matter of trust, it's a 'fool me once shame on you' type of thing. I can't commit funds to a product i am not confident I can use at this point, although I highly doubt i will have the same trouble
  4. does anyone know of anyone that has EVER successfully petitioned for a refund from Internet Brands for VB 5 connect, and if so, could they share that information?

I hope I don't come off as scorned ex-lover hear. But I guess I am at least a little, heartbroken about this. I had for years used Jellsoft as an example of how to do things right in both procedural, and structural PHP coding. it was remarkable. and to know that's gone saddens me.

I appreciate your time in reading this, and sincerely hope for some good news on the other side.

have a great night.



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There is no direct import path from VB5.
It would have to be a double import into something like IPB or any other supported software (see the pre-sales FAQ in my signature).

The online demo is fixed at 3 days and it isn't possible to import into it.
It is only intended to give you an idea of what the software is capable of.

We can't offer any advice with regards to your situation with VB, that is something you will need to resolve with them directly and not something which should be discussed here.


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1) It sounds like from your post you never got the migration to vb5 working, so you're still on vb4? If so there is an inbuilt importer for that.
No I did get it to finally go through, but there were so many errors, and I saw the mountain ahead of me of work, along with the horrid resource usage, so I reverted back. I'm at vb 4.2.2

and since making this thread I did see the import listed, so i'm good to go there.

if I can somehbow, by miracle, get a refund we'll be buying this forum and migrating ASAP