Need advice on Xen Foro Spam Cleanup

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Unfortunately, we finally experienced a spam attack on one of our low traffic sites. We did not catch it in time and now we are faced with the question of how best to quickly clean up the mess.

We are not running the latest version of Xen Foro and we are looking for the most efficient route to delete the spammers users and their content. There are thousands of posts so going through page by page isn't really an option and even trying to delete hundreds of users and their content from the backend does not seem possible so I wanted to reach out and see whether anybody found a solution that worked well to cleanup their forums.



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If they registered, use your admin options to increase the maximum posts for the Spam Cleaner to whatever is needed, then invoke the Spam Cleaner.

If you allowed unregistered users to post and got spammed that way, you have to deleted them one by one, although you can select several pages worth at a time (deleted 200-500 at a time is possible depending on your server load).

If you end up with lots of soft-deleted spams, the Xen-Utiles add-on will hard-delete them for you.

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Do you know whether it is possible to have a spammer's IP banned through the spam cleaner? Also, has anyone considered adding the spam option to the drop down that appears when you select multiple threads from the forum display view?


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IP addresses can be static or dynamic.
If the Spam Cleaner banned all dynamic IP addresses, that would prevent a lot of legitimate visitors from accessing your site.