Need Advice on WP/Joomla Template


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I need a theme (paid or free) for our medical association. Our old technician was using html template and it needs editing on every update. So i decided move it to wordpress or joomla.

Do you have any advice for me? I am open to any advice about script too. I though wp or joomla for easy using (i wont update site, my duty is organising journals and publisher).

Little info for site

We are an association, so we need classical association things (crew, contact, donate, about us...)

We have 6 medical journals. We need seperate folder (maybe i will move them to subdomain, not decided yet) with journal's info, editor list, archive pages etc.

Best wishes
Dr M Sami


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In the next days I'm going to test Avada theme for WP, on Themeforest is the best seller from a long time).

Dalton Prock

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Wish you guys luck with your medical sites, might check these themes out myself. They sound rather interesting actually.