Need a free privacy policy generator for android app with camera access...


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Google Play suddenly decided that any Android app which requests camera access must have a privacy policy. Even though no information is collected, and my app only uses the camera to scan QR codes; it still needs a privacy policy.

Does anyone know any websites that can generate a privacy policy for me using these metrics? I checked out, but they don't have anything for camera access.

Liam W

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It's an absolute pain. I have an app designed to fix the mobile phone number on the SIM card (requires XPosed), but that obviously needs access to the existing phone number to show it to the user...

So Google want me to provide a privacy policy... Despite the fact the app doesn't do anything with it because it doesn't have the internet permission?

Either way, I'm looking for something similar.

(I did make a basic one for another app that uses a device id, but I'm not sure it's required or even if it's legally valid: