Add-on Need a developer to porting 5 add-ons from xF1.5.x to xF2.x


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There are 5 add-ons that I had made ad hoc for my needs.
These add-ons don't exist in XenForo xF2 add-ons resource manager yet.

I need a quote and an ETA to migrate these add-ons from xF1.5 > 2.x using the existing code of course.
The original developer don't have the time to do it so I have to find someone else for the job.

Please note:
1. I have the total property of these add-ons made for myself.
2. I will give you the add-ons code to migrate.
3. The add-ons have never been published.
4. You’ll have the freedom to resell it or publish it for free on xF resource manager.

If you’re interested, send me a private convo.