Navtabs middle positioning reset


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What determines the positions of a "middle" navtab? Something which I've never actually understood.

Looking at two mods for instance, that recently have swapped positions in the navbar.
TaigaChat and XenAtendo in this case. Both mods take up the middle position in the navbar.

The problem in question is highlighted here:

How does one, rebuild/repair the cache to have them both back to how they were, in the original positions?


It's not just middle I assume.

Whichever one it already has, it just stacks the other one on top of it.

I am wondering if 'execution order' in the event listener might have effect.

I simply don't know. Would love to know! =D


I was testing 5 things, and the last one (which i didn't do because I was getting coffee) turned out to be the one? typical haha.

Trilogy if you want my plugin execution order to be 10 or 20 or 50 .. let me know, I will update it for the next build.