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Navigation Visitor Tab vanished

Neil E.

Active member
1) added .navTabs .publicTabs .navLink and .navTabs .visitorTabs .navLink to EXTRA.CSS to increase the width of the tabs, worked fine
2) wanted to see if I could add the property: color; to .Popup .arrowWidget in xenforo_popup.css and messed things up when I copied a section of code into EXTRA.CSS
3) I've tried reverting templates with no improvement

By copying HTML code into EXTRA.CSS by mistake, it seems that I've messed up a couple of templates. It looks like the Master Style gets changed along with the Default Style (I was only working with the default style). Is there any way I can restore things? How does one go about diagnosing this?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
It restores the original master style which shouldn't be changed anyways. If you accidentally edited the master then this will restore it. It doesn't affect other styles.

Neil E.

Active member
Can anyone tell me where the button is located?
/install only contains files.
Is some other type of file manager needed?


Neil E.

Active member
I may not actually have a problem. A user has to be logged in to see the visitorTabs.
My other computer (for testing) might have exceeded the session limit and logged out.
(I still want to find out about the rebuild master data button).

Neil E.

Active member
Thanks, you youngers sure know this stuff well. First computer I used at college in the 70s required hours of punch card work at a terminal. Started with PCs around 1990 for programming machine automation. Thats seems easy compared to this web stuff; I am keen to figure it out.