Duplicate Navigation Sub Menu Behaves Different Than Default Tabs (Responsive)

@Jake Bunce
Probably a bug
Link to reproduce the bug

When in full width, the sub menu shows forums going from level 1-level 10
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When you resize the windows or in mobile, the submenu would shrink and it display level 5-level 10 with level 1-4 appears in the dropdown. I believe the expected behavior would be that the first 5 level would shows and the dropdown contains the rest?

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The responsive style does that on the default tabs as well. You could post this as a bug report for XenForo if you want.
Hi Jake ... great addon ... Thank You!

I've read the entire thread, and my question speaks to the above.

It appears that the default tabs no longer do this. Is it possible for submenus to follow suit, or is it already available and I missed it?

Thanks a Bunch!
That is still a XenForo behavior. This addon doesn't control that behavior.
The posts above outline the issue.

I'm hoping the sub menu behavior can respond like the default tabs.

Putting in this forum based on Jake's comment above.