Add-on Navigation Menu With Drop-Down RSS Feeds Like Firefox Toolbar


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If you have firefox and know what an RSS feed toolbar looks like, then you know how useful and convenient it is. Most people on my site don't configure it. I would like to take advantage of this and create a 3rd navigation menu that houses feeds. This will make it easier for members to be updated on the latest news and find articles to talk about in the forum. The default registered feeds posts modification for xenforo is cool but I'd rather use this as user generated content is more desired on my site. This could even replace 'Latest Threads' if the forum's Global RSS feeds are added.




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According to Mozilla’s user study the RSS icon was clicked by a scant 3 percent of users.

The only thing more neglected is the scroll left button, which is only present on very wide websites.

RSS has a long, complicated history and, despite its usefulness to the web at large, it just never caught on with mainstream users. RSS may power much of the web behind the scenes, but from a user’s point of view it remains an awkward tool with a terrible user interface. As Firefox developer Leslie Orchard points out, clicking the old Firefox RSS button would give you “a plainly-styled version of what you were probably already looking at on a site.” Of course, if you knew what you were doing, you could quickly either create a live bookmark or add the RSS feed to a feed reader. But for the uninitiated, the UI was confusing enough that Orchard says “some people would think they broke the page when the button was clicked on accident.”