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A customer asked me for nap26 for PC. I was like huh? Cause I don't support looking up stuff for PC but I looked it up anyway (my first call of the day and I'm still waking up) and told them there's an android app equivalent and on their website they have a combo pack with cds and stuff. So I told them that and they started thanking me profusely. So now I'm curious and I look into it further and I see that it's a system that helps you take naps lol do any of you use this?

POWRNAPS uses Binaural beats to train the brain to relax and to awaken without the risk of grogginess. A scientific digital modulation process inserts precise pulses and beats that the brain hears. The difference in vibration between one ear and the other stimulates either deeper relaxation or alertness. Easy2Sleep and NAP26 uses vibrations to relax, and help you sleep peacefully without the grogginess from medications. The POWRNAPS Sleep System creates non-drug solutions, so you can learn to sleep better and better over time, without the risks.​


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I saw some reviews on youtube, some way it "kinda" works, some say it doesn't
I don't know..I never had much luck with relaxation or other headphone induced state stuff lol