Myself & My First Feedback for xenForo :)


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I didn't really introduce myself in this community yet. I am a 23 years old Malaysian Chinese (well, some people may know Malaysia is a multiracial country, some would probably ask "So are you a Malaysian or a Chinese? :confused:". Hmm, my ancestors were Chinese, my grandfather came to Malaysia during war (so he became Malaysian but is a chinese, so that's why I'm a Malaysian Chinese lol). But trust me, Malaysians are much friendlier :p

I used to study Economics & Finance, but my real interests are related to IT. I recently finished my MSc Computing in the UK. Currently I am applying for MPhil. So basically I am still living in the UK until I receive my acceptance or until my visa ends. :)

One day, when I visited a forum (if I am not wrong, it's ClientExec's forum while searching something online), I fallen in love with its forum and I found it's powered by xenForo! That was my first time seeing and heard about xenForo. I then tried the demo almost instantly, I was totally amazed by it and decided to get one (and now I have three :love:).

I used to explore MyBB and PhpBB since few years back, then recently IPB, vB and some other free software. After discovering/testing around with the forums (paid & free), I found that xenForo is incredibly easy to install and its look is really awesome IMO! I really love xenForo. Although I have heard some negative feedback regarding the software and the community here, I still loving it so much. I believe each individual may have different perceptions but I disagree the way they express it in the community or somewhere else (specifically in a sarcastic, harsh or hurtful way). I see there are quite a number of good big guys here which I quite adore that you guys can always express your opinions openly, but as a newbie I always only read instead of write in the community.

I always believe if I am being friendly to others, people would do the same. But in reality, it's not that easy. I love seeing people putting smilies (that's one of the purposes why smilies are there I guessed), somehow not all will do that. I tried asking questions in vB community, but what I got were *kind of* rude and cool responses. :censored: I better stick with xenForo. :ROFLMAO:

I definitely feel happy sticking around here :) Nice to meet you guys. :)
Wonderful feedback shyuan :D

That is exactly how I feel about Xenforo, there is just no other for me now :love:
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