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I would some up my Xenforo experience on converting my forums from IPB to XF.

1. It's fast. My forums loads faster and my users like it. It was a small forum so I took a risk to convert it. Conversion went fine and all topics are redirected nicely.

2. I like the trophies, points, etc system. The portal add-on rocks. Much easier to set up then IP.Content for my needs.

3. I like the moderation tools! They are freaking slick! I don't say this often and never said it for vB, phpBB3, MyBB and IPB.

4. Editor rocks! I like IPB but I hate their buggy editor.

5. Even after adding like 20 different add-ons? My site loads faster. If I had added that much on IPB it would be crawling.

6. Prefixes are awesome. Was using tag/prefix mod at IPB.

Off course, I feel some features are missing in XF compare to IPB but the other benefits outweigh them.

Looking forward for new releases at XF once lawsuit is settled. Was hesitant a bit for conversion first but after using it I feel the money is well worth spend. Started using XF after 6 months of purchase.
Thanks for sharing bro. It will be really helpful for us to decide whether to go with xF or not. :) Me too noticed xF is faster than other forum softwares. ;)
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